After investing a lot of money and buying a boat, it is important to take good care of it. Boats are exposed to extreme conditions. Between the harsh rays of the sun and the negative effects of continuous exposure to salt water, the surfaces of your boat can suffer. Paint finishes, protective coatings, and materials like vinyl, rubber, leather, and metal can all begin to deteriorate. This can not only ruin the look of your boat but it can also harm its resale value. One important part of caring for your boat is making sure to wash it with fresh water after taking it out. Getting boat cleaning and boat detailing services helps counteract the negative effects of the sun and salt water while at the same time providing protection against future damage. As an added bonus, washing your boat is a lot easier and takes less time after the detailing process. Keeping your boat clean and protected is only half the battle. It goes without saying that you also want it to look its best. If you really want to take its appearance to the next level, consider having a logo, graphic, name, or other detail added to its exterior. These details can really help your boat stand out, giving it a one-of-a-kind look that draws attention and adds to its value.


One common problem that boat and jet ski owners run into is that the surface of their watercraft loses its original shine. This happens when the oxidation process begins to affect the clear coat on the exterior of the boat. The coatings that are used on boats are designed to be able to withstand extreme exposure to sun and water. Because of that, restoration is usually possible. It isn’t always easy, however. With our expertise and professional-grade products, we can help restore the original shine to your boat, jet ski, or other watercraft, making it look new again. Vinyl surfaces can also become dirty or can develop problems with mildew. Most boat detailers turn to harsh cleaners like bleach to eliminate these problems. Unfortunately, bleach can cause real damage to the threading used in the seats, leading to expensive upholstery repair costs further down the road. To avoid this problem, we use special marine cleaners that are specifically designed for use on vinyl. These cleaners are bleach-free, meaning that they won’t cause damage to your boat’s upholstery. Boat cleaning and boat detailing plays a major role in the upkeep of your boat.

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1) Interior Boat Cleaning

Having a boat of your own is fun and exciting. It gives you an opportunity to explore and to set off on new adventures. You can get even more out of your experience with the help of the detailing services provided by Total Car Detailing. Our experts can help bring your boat to life with the best interior detailing services in the United States. Our boat detailing professionals will help set your boat apart from all of the others that are out on the water. The interior boat cleaning and boat detailing services we offer are as follow:

  • Top-to-bottom interior boat detail
  • Carpet cleaning & upholstery care
  • Restorative treatments for vinyl and leather
  • Polishing chrome surfaces
  • Removing spots, fingerprints, & dirt from windows
  • Cleaning all interior compartments

2) Exterior Boat Wash

Don’t put off boat detailing. Instead, take action today to restore and protect your boat. Our experts can help you achieve amazing results. We offer free quotes by phone. Keep in mind, however, that we will need to inspect your craft before finalizing the quote. The total price for our services varies from boat to boat, depending on the level of work required. As long as you describe the condition of your boat in detail, we should be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone.

  • Polishing
  • Buffing exterior surfaces
  • Hand waxing the exterior
  • Thoroughly washing the boat’s exterior
  • Drying boat by hand
  • Polishing stainless steel surfaces
  • Removing Stains
  • Detailing the engine
  • Cleaning the bilge and hull
  • Removing oxidation

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After we’ve brought the vehicle’s finish up to its best possible condition, we provide a new protective layer by applying a premium carnauba-based wax. This protection also makes your vehicle glossier in an attractive way! At this stage, we will also clean and polish the windows and the smaller exterior components, like trim and rubber gaskets. As the leading provider of boat detailing, Total Car Detailing can help you with everything from small personal boats all the way up to huge yachts. Best of all, you don’t have to take your boat in to have it detailed – we bring the detailing service to you. Extreme weather can take a major toll on the exterior of your boat. With the help of the experts at Total Car Detailing, you can protect your watercraft, preventing future damage. As you probably already know, taking steps to prevent damage from occurring in the first place is a far better option than trying to repair it after it has already happened. Most experts recommend applying sealant or marine wax to your boat at the beginning of the season and after the season ends. Taking good care of the exterior of your boat will keep it looking its best for many years to come, helping to protect your investment.


  • Gentle Hand Washing.
  • Dried with Microfiber Towels.
  • Tire Shining.
  • Plastic Components Refinished.
  • Windows Thoroughly Cleaned.
  • Doors Completely Cleaned.
  • Bugs & Tar Removed.


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