What Is Car Paint Sealant

What Is Car Paint Sealant

Everything You Need To Know About Car Paint Sealant

Many people across the nation always ask “What Is Car Paint Sealant.” Depending on who you speak with, the words “car paint sealant” may mean a variety of things, but the basic product is a synthetic creation that is designed to provide a bright shine while protecting the surface of a car’s paint. Car paint sealant is a completely synthetic creation that was designed to protect a vehicle’s surface while maintaining a mirror-like gleam. Modern-day car paint sealants showcase new advancements in chemistry, using blends of polymers to dramatically enhance their performance. These car sealants are specially designed to bond to the paint’s surface, so they will last far longer than old-fashioned car wax. Car sealants also provide long-lasting protection against things like UV rays, tree sap, road salt, and acid rain. But what exactly can those pollutants even do to a vehicle’s paint? A car sealant creates a shiny, mirror-like finish. However, some vehicle owners feel that it looks too cold or “hard.” Often times, car detailing enthusiasts will also add a coat of natural car wax on top of the sealant to create a softer feel, providing them with the appeal of both types of finishes.

Wax Versus Car Sealant

If you’re new to the automotive industry, it’s likely that you’ll start hearing words like coating, wax, polish, and sealing all thrown around as if they’re somewhat interchangeable. Our article isn’t for providing an entire glossary to car detailing, but we’ll lay out two common forms of paint protection for you. When used correctly, the term “wax” means a product that contains at least some percentage of natural wax. The type commonly used for vehicles is Brazilian Carnauba wax, a type of wax that is initially harvested from plant leaves. This wax is combined with additional ingredients to create a liquid that is then applied to your car’s surface in order to protect it against pollutants and help provide you with an attractive shine.

How To Use Car Paint Sealant

Paint sealants are incredibly simple to apply, even though they’re based on super advanced chemistry. If you have an orbital polisher or a dual-action polisher, you can use one to apply the sealant, but applying it by hand will also work just as well. Take these steps to achieve a mirrored shine and a well-protected surface:

  • Use your favorite soap to wash your car, then dry it carefully to avoid developing water spots.
  • Use a clay bar to remove any contaminants that have built up on the paint’s surface. This can also help you limit swirl marks as you apply sealant to the surface.
  • Apply paint sealant to an applicator
  • Apply sealant to your vehicle’s surface in a pattern that overlaps slightly -Spread the sealant as thinly as you can, so that it cures well
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface of your vehicle and remove any extra sealant so that it does not streak
  • After waiting an hour, apply a second coat if desired You will not need a second coat unless you live in a very harsh environment.

Car Detailing Professionals

If you’d like to have the sealant applied to your vehicle, instead of doing it yourself, consider reaching out to a local expert. A professional automotive detailing company can apply the sealant for you, saving you the time and energy and ensuring that the job is done correctly the first time. If you are interested in reading more related content, visit our car detailing blog. If you would like to speak with a professional car detailing expert, call us today at (855) 335-2719.

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