Wax is outdated. The new generation for paint protection systems is Nano Ceramic Coating. Experience the new technology for yourself. It is designed so that a crystal layer is formed and makes conventional car sealants and waxes obsolete. Its great strength along with condensed nanoparticles and their superior cross-linking capabilities create a super high gloss and durable finish. Paint Protection Film is a type of urethane, transparent material that may be applied to any painted surface on the exterior of your car. Briefly put, paint protection film works to preserve the quality of your vehicle’s paint through reducing the risk of various types of damage that can occur.


Over the past decade at Total Car Detailing, we have tested and used all of the latest coatings that the market has offered. All of the research that we have done, and our network of highly reputable retailers provide us with the advantage of being able to provide your car with the protection that it truly deserves and the ability to withstand the harsh weather in the city. Although there are numerous ceramic paint coating products that are available in today’s marketplace, none has provided better performance or protection against the environmental elements in your area. Ceramic Coating is a type of liquid polymer that gets applied to a vehicle’s exterior surfaces. After it is applied, it bonds chemically with the factory paint of the vehicle, which establishes a hydrophobic surface and layer of protection. Ceramic Coating has hydrophobic properties that make it more difficult for contaminants to bond with the paint of your car. That has two major benefits for car owners

Fully Certified and Exclusive

Modesta is the world’s most exclusive surface protection for automobiles and is available only to select retailers. It is among the hardest coatings in the entire world, and one of the hardest coatings to properly install, which is why we are one of the only authorized car detailers that are capable of applying an advanced glass coating like this. Modesta was specifically designed for individuals who have discerning tastes for the exceedingly glossy and rich finish that it provides, along with its capabilities for protecting better than any other and being able to resist the elements so effectively.


We are car enthusiasts ourselves, so we fully understand there are choices available, and you need to go with whatever is best for your car. We demand the very best that is available which is why we specifically use Nano-ceramic coating since it provides the finest looking finish, offers the best protective capabilities, and the highest durability level. The following are the four major steps we take to produce results that are nearly flawless.

  • Prepare
  • Install
  • Finish
  • Performance

Nano Ceramic Coating vs. Paint Protection Film

Protection Film

  • Self-healing technology
  • Hard water spots are prevented
  • Swirl marks are prevented
  • Absorbs micro scratches
  • Protects against chips

Nano-Ceramic Coating

  • Never have to wax again
  • Candy-like gloss
  • Easier to clean
  • Contaminants are kept off the paint
  • Hydrophobic surface is created

Both Protection Film & Nano-Ceramic Coating

  • Invisible finish
  • Prevents chemical etching
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Car looks newer for a long period of time
  • Chemical resistance

The Ultimate Protection For Your Car Is The Best Paint Coating Solution

So, which is the best product for your car? We have good news for you. It isn’t necessary to choose only one of them. Both products may be applied to your car. The dynamic combination of a Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film is the ultimate invisible protection that your car can receive. Paint Protection Film is first applied to the parts of your car that are the most susceptible from scratches and rock chips from road debris. Ceramic Coating doesn’t protect against this type of damage, so it is very important that Paint Protection Film be applied to those areas. That frequently includes the rear wheel arch, rocker panels, side mirrors, fenders, hood, and front bumper. After Paint Protection Film has been used to protect your car’s most vulnerable areas, then your entire vehicle is given a Ceramic Coating. This coating bonds to the film that has been applied already along with the car’s factory paint. When the ceramic coating is applied on top of the protection film, it provides an additional protection layer against stains and chemical etching. It also helps with keeping the film free of contaminants and clean, which prolongs the film’s life. Everywhere else on your car, whether or not it is protected by film, the Ceramic Coating thwarts stains, chemical etch marks, and oxidation. The hydrophobic surface also makes it more difficult for contaminants to be able to bond with your car, which keeps the paint cleaner and makes it easier to wash. The Ceramic Coating has a smooth surface which enhances the gloss on the factory paint of your car.


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