How To Clean A Car Interior

How To Clean A Car Interior

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Although many drivers clean their cars every month or week, not many clean the interior, mainly because the vehicle does not get exposed to the weather, debris, and dirt. However, every once in a while you will need to clean the inside part of your vehicle and get interior car detailing services, particularly if your children ride in it on a regular basis or you eat inside of it and forget to take the garbage out. It isn’t hard to clean the inside part of the car, but it may be fussy and time-consuming since dirt and dust can hide in all of the nooks and crannies. The following is a guide to help you clean the inside part of your vehicle like a true interior car detailing professional.

Step 1: Clear The Garbage Out And Start To Vacuum

Before you begin to clean the seats and start to wipe the dash, it is very important to get rid of any unwanted items and trash from your car, so get out a trash bag & vacuum cleaner to start the interior car detailing. A brush vacuum tool can be used to take the dust out of the air vents, and that can result in bad odors lingering inside of the vehicle. We recommend that you remove boot liners and car mats, as well as tons of debris and dirt, can collect under them. After thoroughly vacuuming the interior of your car it will look much better already – and that is just the first step in the process of interior car detailing.

Step 2: Clean Your Car’s Windows

It is almost as important to clean the glass on the interior part of the car as it is on the outside; smears, dust, and fingerprints on the inside part of the windshield can reduce visibility and when it is sunny lead to dangerous situations. When you use a high-quality glass cleaner, you will be guaranteed a finish without streaks and all-around high visibility. For best results, whenever cleaning interior glass, directly spray a few squirts worth of glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and use a figure motion to wipe away dust, dirt, and streaks from your window. You should clean your window before working on the interior surfaces so that any potential drips won’t affect a clean dashboard.

Step 3: Kill Odors and Bacteria

Do you spend lots of time inside your car? It doesn’t matter how neat and clean you keep your vehicle, bacteria and germs will collect on the interior surfaces, and odor from sources such as food with a stick to any soft interior furnishings. Invest in an odor neutralizer that comes in a bottle to combat this problem. This type of odor-eliminating spray is suitable for both soft and hard surfaces and guarantees that the interior of your car will feel fresh and smell clean. To get rid of bacteria from all of the hard surfaces of your car, directly spray this product onto the plastic or metal and let it sit there for a couple of minutes before you use a soft cloth to wipe it off. For soft furnishings, simply spray it on and then allow the formula to do its work.

Step 4: Clean and Polish Your Car’s Dashboard

Car dashboards have a tendency to collect fingerprints, debris, and dust, and lose their new appearance after only a couple thousand miles. Whether you have a scuffed or mucky dash, there are several products that can be used that are designed to restore your dash so that it looks its best. For daily cleaning, dashboard wipes are what we recommend. These disposable, tough wipes offer a rich matte finish and long-lasting protection for a majority of dash surfaces – and they are also very convenient for when you want to quickly go over your central console.

Step 5: Clean the Carpets, Doors, and Seats

Whether they are made out of leather or upholstery, the car’s soft furnishings are subjected to plenty of wear and tear and are directly in front of the firing line of stains and dirt. For surfaces with fabric upholstery, we recommend that you use carpet and upholstery cleaning products to scrub the seats and carpet with. It is guaranteed that the intensive cleaning formula will lift odors and stains from the car’s interior fabrics and restore its just-purchased smell. Use special leather protection wipes on leather surfaces to remove marks and dirt, and then treat the material using a leather protection cream. It is guaranteed that the product with protecting and nourish the leather and prevent wear. You can use it on all kinds of leather trim in the car. If you love your car, just don’t forget to take good care of the inside of it as well.

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