Febreze Car Air Freshener: 2 Linen & Sky & 2 Hawaiian Aloha Scents

Febreze Car Air Freshener: 2 Linen & Sky & 2 Hawaiian Aloha Scents

Febreze Car Air Freshener: 2 Linen & Sky & 2 Hawaiian Aloha Scents


High-quality car scents allowing for a better smelling interior for passengers!

This car air freshener will leave you and your passengers satisfied during your ride with their excellent scents.

Total Car Detailing provides car detailing equipment for your auto care.

Best Uses Of Febreze Car Air Freshener For Your Vehicle:

About The Product

  • DOESN’T JUST MASK- It removes odors with NEW Odor Clear Technology.
  • FEBREZE CAR REMOVES ODORS – Slowly releases a light, fresh scent for up to 30 days on low and under ambient conditions.
  • ATTACHES EASILY – Attaches to car vent and allows you to select the level of intensity to control how much freshness is released.
  • FRESH SCENTS – Fresh-from-the-clothesline Linen & Sky scent.
  • MORE FRESH SCENTS – A lush, tropical Hawaiian Aloha scent.

How To Use

To activate scent, firmly push clip until you hear it click in. Clip onto your car vent, and drive on with up to 2X the odor-eliminating power.

TIP: You’re in the driver’s seat. Control the scent intensity with the dial found on the CAR Vent Clip’s top, for a range from light freshness to extreme scent!

Where To Use

USE: Heavy Duty CAR Vent Clips work in virtually every vehicle. With the ultimate in odor-eliminating freshness and a scent that begs for the windows to stay up.

DON’T USE: Never place the unit in your glove box! It will defeat the purpose of a car air freshener in the first place!

When To Use

These CAR Vent Clips last for up to 30 days!!! They eliminate tough odors that tend to hitch a ride. Too bad they can’t eliminate traffic.

Place on low setting, under ambient conditions for the best results!

Is it laundry day? Because it sure smells like it! This soft scents of Linen & Sky or Hawaiian Aloha comfort your senses and eliminate odors.

Final Verdict

Overall these car scents are great! They will leave your vehicle smelling so fresh and so clean. Highly Recommend!

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