Mobile Car Detailing – How Long Are We Talking Here?

Mobile Car Detailing – How Long Are We Talking Here?

How Much Time Does It Typically Take To Detail A Car With A Mobile Detailer?

Taking your car in to have it professionally detailed is usually a lot faster than trying to do it yourself. Along with being much faster, professional detailing provides many other benefits.

Typically, the amount of time that it takes to finish a detailing job depends on how dirty the vehicle is and the type of detailing that you are having done. For cars that are relatively clean and just require a quick touch up, the job can usually be done in approximately 30 minutes. More extensive detailing that involves waxing or dealing with dirty, faded carpets can take a little bit longer, often requiring several hours to complete. Although there are stationary detailing services out there, it is usually best to go with a mobile service instead. Stationary detailers are usually higher priced and have been known to take much longer than a mobile service.

When you have your car detailed, it usually will be returned to you within several hours and schedules are usually full up early in the week. As a result, you usually have to set up an appointment in advance in order for them to fit your vehicle in.

The Top Five Benefits Of Professional Mobile Car Detailing

If you are passionate about cars, you may like the idea of caring for your vehicle on your own. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to find the time to take care of detailing your car when your schedule is already extremely busy. If you are on the fence about whether you should do the work yourself or whether you should hire a company to do it for you, be sure to consider the following benefits of professional detailing:

1. Professional mobile detailing may be cheaper than buying supplies and equipment.

Car detailing requires a lot of different products, many of which are quite costly. From detailing sprays to polishes and waxes, there are a lot of items that you need to buy before you can get started. Even though each individual product may not be that expensive, by the time you put it all together, it can wind up costing you quite a bit of extra money. You may find that it is cheaper to pay someone to detail your car for you. This is especially true if you don’t plan on detailing your vehicle very often.

2. Professionals usually do a better job.

When someone details cars for a living, they become extremely good at what they do. That means that you can expect extremely high-quality results when you take your car to a detailing service. Thanks to their experience and expertise, they may be able to get your car cleaner than you could on your own. Additionally, most of these companies guarantee their work, meaning that you have options if you aren’t satisfied with the work. Have a look at our About Us Page to see what we are all about

3. Improper tool usage can cause damage.

For instance, if you are polishing the outside of your vehicle with a random orbital polisher, you may wind up inadvertently damaging the paint if you don’t use it in exactly the right way. Damage is far less likely to occur when you take your car to a company to have it professionally detailed since they are experienced and know how to properly use the equipment.

4. Professional detailers have access to a clean, dry environment.

The area where cars are detailed needs to be clean and dry. When you schedule to have your car detailed, they will usually perform the work in a temporary structure away from dust, wind, and sunlight. This allows them to get far better results and minimizes the likelihood of the vehicle becoming dirty again right away.

5. Professional detailing takes the burden off of your shoulders.

The process of detailing a car takes a lot of time and energy. Instead of trying to shoulder this burden yourself, why not leave it to the pros? By scheduling your car to be detailed by a company that specializes in mobile car detailing, you can free up your time to spend doing other things. Although it is possible to detail your car yourself, you may find it beneficial to find a mobile detailing service instead. Either way, it is important to keep your car as clean as possible. Doing so will not only help it retain its value but it will also help keep it in great shape for many years to come. Book us now and save yourself the hassle of the awkward wait.

At Total Car Detailing we are committed to keeping your car clean and cared for. Call us now for your detailing needs or contact us to schedule a detailing time that works best for you.

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