Houston’s Best Interior Detailers Have Tips For A Tidy Car With Kids In The Back

Houston’s Best Interior Detailers Have Tips For A Tidy Car With Kids In The Back

Interior Detailers Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Looking Amazing With Children

If you are a parent, you know how much time you and your children spend in the car. Take a look at the back seat and you will probably find a plethora of spills, crumbs, and toys. There may also be damage to your interior surfaces. Regardless of how clean you kept your car before children, you will need to develop a set of rules that your kids must follow to prevent messy back seat areas. In addition to everyday trips around town, long road trips can be an even bigger issue with keeping the interior spaces of your auto in good condition.  Learn the best tricks to keep your car looking great when you have messy kids. These tips are easy to implement into your kids’ lives. Establishing these rules can help to keep your car looking great.

No Food

One of the easiest ways to prevent food spills and stains inside your car is to enforce a no food rule for your kids. If food and drinks are not allowed in your car, it can reduce the risk of stains and food from creeping into your car’s crevices. This is an easy rule to follow on short trips; however, it can be difficult to enforce on longer road trips. On a long road trip, limit snacks to those that are easier to eat and do not create messes. Explaining these rules ahead of time and using foods that do not crumble or stain can help keep your interior spaces looking great.

Place Cupcake Liners in Your Cup Holders

If you are like many people, you have a stash of cupcake liners in your cabinet and will probably never use them. Luckily, they can help to keep your car’s interior clean. One way to do this is to place cupcake liners inside your cup holders. Cupcake liners help to keep the insides of your cup holders clean and offer a great place to store trash. When you get home, you can remove the cupcake liners and replace them with new cupcake liners.

Use Bath Rugs in Place of Floor Mats

One of the most common areas of the car that can become damaged is your floor mats. Floor mats take a beating due to spilled drinks and food as well as dirty shoes. You can keep your car’s floor mats looking great by placing bath mats on top of your floor mats. The mats can be removed, shaken out and laundered as needed to keep your car looking amazing.

Reusable Trash Bags Contain Messes

One way to prevent trash from collecting in your car is to place a reusable trash bag on the back of the front seats. This set up is easy for young kids to use as well as older ones. When the reusable trash bag fills up, take it out and empty it.

Seat Covers Protect the Backs of Your Seats

Kids are notorious for putting their feet on the back of seats. You can prevent damage by using seat covers. These are especially important in cars with light colored interiors.

These tricks will help to keep the interior spaces of your auto looking great, and keep it easy for a Houston local interior detailer to help your ride look sharp!


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