Expert Auto Detailers: Is An Automatic Car Wash Dangerous?

Expert Auto Detailers: Is An Automatic Car Wash Dangerous?

#1 Auto Detailer: Ways That Automatic Car Washes Can Be Dangerous

When you take a nice car through an automatic car wash it’s like going to your town’s best steakhouse and ordering well done prime rib. It is a complete waste of your money, and for legitimate and genuine car guys, it is very painful to see since it is damaging for your car. Whenever you wash your car at an automatic car wash, you are running many risks. There is the risk that your car will be potentially damaged or scratched in some way of using this kind of washing method for your car. It is a much smarter and better idea to take your car to a Total Car Detailing service where your car will be handled with care and love by expert detailers. An auto detailer will leave your vehicle looking brand new. There is no way that you can compare car detailing’s the finished product with taking your vehicle through an automatic car wash. Because they save time and hassle, automatic car washes have become very popular. However, despite the convenience that they offer, more harm is done than good to your vehicle by an automatic car wash. That is why you should definitely consider car detailing. The following are ways that automatic car washes are dangerous for your car:

1. They Use Recycled Water

Automatic car washes reuse water which means they are the most water-economical and environmentally friendly way to clean your car. Although purification systems may be installed for removing contaminants, they aren’t 100% efficient. That results in dirt and grit scratching your car’s surface as it is washing it.

2. Harsh Cleaning Agents Are Used

All businesses aim to maximize their profits by minimizing their expenses. There are some automatic car washes that use cheap cleaning agents with acid as the main ingredient. Although it results in a sparkling clean vehicle, gradually the acid erodes the paint on your car along with its protective wax. Rotating brushes are used by automatic car washes which rub against your car in order to remove dirt. Although it might not be aggressive contact, if you look closely at your car you will see swirls and scratches that will dull your car eventually.

3. Not All Of The Dirt Gets Removed

Lack of contact, particularly with touchless automatic car washes, hinders the ability for the vehicles to be entirely cleaned. Trouble spots do not get identified or provided with the attention that they need when an automatic system is used for cleaning your vehicle. Accumulated dirt means that the car will end up with a dismal appearance over time.

4. Drying Technique

Heated air for drying off water is usually not sufficient. When you drive off in a vehicle that isn’t completely dry lingering streaks and spots are generated. If they are not cleaned immediately using a spray cleaner, over the long-term intensive polishing will be required. Whenever you make the wise choice of hiring an auto detailer to take care of your exterior car detailing needs, you are left with a beautiful car that looks brand new and zero damages.  Total Car Detailing offers interior car detailing services that you might want to consider in order to avoid any damages to your car from an automatic car wash.

5. Hand Dry Option

Although heated air is used by most automatic car washes for drying excess water off, some do have attendants who will hand wipe your vehicle after it has been cleaned. That is fine as long as they use clean and soft towels, which isn’t the case at most car washes. When dirty and abrasive towels are used from drying multiple vehicles with the same towel, it will scratch and mar the paint job on your car. Keeping your car well-maintained with a great looking finish will translate into it having a higher resale value. Although in the short term an automatic car wash might make your vehicle look okay, using them continuously can result in an unsightly and scratched car over the long term.

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