In essence, having a vehicle detailed means that it will receive a comprehensive cleaning by professionals who will use specially formulated products, methods and tools. Generally speaking, detailers are willing to do a bit of minor cosmetic work, but detailing does not usually involve body repair or paint work. The detailing of a car includes reconditioning and thorough cleaning of interior spaces as well as the vehicle’s exterior. The purpose is to minimize the appearance of swirls and scratches on the paint so that the car looks showroom new.


There are two primary stages involved in detailing a car, namely the exterior part and the interior part. We will describe each of these in detail so that you will be prepared for what can be expected during your detailing. Always feel that you are able to ask questions of the professional detailers if you are wondering about parts of the process, because most of these individuals are ready and willing to impart their knowledge to customers.


Each part of the car’s upholstery will be completely shampooed as well as vacuumed to get rid of stubborn dirt and staining. Leather interiors will be scrubbed and conditioned so that any traces of dirt will be gone. Vinyl and plastic surfaces will get a comprehensive clean and will receive dressing with a specialized product. Finally, all glass windows and surfaces are cleaned and fully polished.


Though not every customer chooses to pay for it, the option of having the engine bay cleaned is wise thing to select. Not everyone cares very much about the way the vehicle looks beneath the hood. Some believe this area is a zone for mechanics only. But, getting the engine bay detailed is something that can make it far simpler to spot and identify engine trouble. Every mechanic appreciates a really clean engine bay, as do prospective purchasers when the car is put up for sale. When shopping for a used car, just about everyone wants to take a look under the hood, and a sparkling clean engine bay can make or break a sale. It is important, though, that certain precautions be taken when detailing occurs in order to safeguard some vehicle components. Detailers are known to address the engine bay by using a bit of water and subsequently wiping the surfaces with a degreasing product. Then, all of this is rinsed thoroughly. After all has been allowed to dry, plastic, silicone and rubber parts need to be dressed in appropriate products so that they are not prone to cracking. The process, though simple, works well in protecting the vehicle from unnecessary wear, tear and cracking.


Why Opt For Car Interior Detailing?

Full detailing of a car is a great way to ensure that it is top condition at all times. Once this has been one, smaller touch-up jobs can be done as needed.

Valuation Benefits

Making sure that a car stays in great condition is the best way to keep its value as high as possible. This is definitely the case for classic and vintage vehicles, particularly those placed on the market. A standard car wash simply will not produce the same type of result. Quality detailing facilities can restore a car to its showroom looks and boost resale values tremendously.

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Meticulous Inspection Process

Because the process of detailing a vehicle is a truly painstaking affair, you can rest assured that virtually every inch of the car will be examined. If a problem is discovered a custom repair or restoration technique will be recommended. Again, this is a service that a car wash simply cannot match.


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