Also called clear bra installation, paint protection film is a critical com. Paint protection film provides powerful protection against road debris, salt, bugs, rock chips, and your paintwork being prematurely degraded. Top Car Detailing specifically tailors to your vehicle’s design and we also customize it to how you drive your car. From the standard protection kit that we provide to a full vehicle custom wrap, we provide more clear bra coverage combinations than anyplace else. Within the clear bra industry, Total Car Detailing is an innovative force that is unparalleled, from developing the finest installation techniques to the creation of the only self-healing paint protection film in the world. Total Car Detailing is currently offering our extensive experience to consumers directly at our installation center. There is no better place to get a clear bra installed on your vehicle than the factory that has designed and produced the film, developed the installation processes used by thousands of professional installers all over the world, and engineered the specific patterns that are used for machine cutting the film to the highest level of precision that no other company in the industry has been able to duplicate.


Paint protection film is a type of clear polyurethane. Paint protection is commonly called clear bra, clear mask or clear shield within the automobile industry. It has been designed to protect your car’s front impact areas from bug damage, rock chips and most other types of road debris damage. There are any other possibilities offered by paint protection film since it can help to preserve the finish on many different surfaces. Top Car Detailing is dedicated to both exploring the various possible paint protection film uses and realizing its full potential. If you need this product then Top Car Detailing is eager to meet your needs as well as exceed your expectations.


Clear Bra Preparations

Prior to each installation the finish of your vehicle will be cleaned and prepped by our skilled installers. Depending on the paint’s condition, that may include steps like color sanding problem areas, repairing rock chips, claying the surface for the removal of impurities, and buffing to a very high gloss finish. In addition, our expert installers remove marker lamps, emblems, moldings as well as other trim when necessary in order to allow the edges of the clear bra to be hidden wherever possible, to provide the protection that is the most invisible possible. Visit us at one of our showrooms or contact by email or phone to learn about the clear bra preparation process provided by Top Car Detailing.

Clear Bra Installation

Top Car Detailing uses only the finest techniques, designs, and materials, so you can be confident that we will exceed your expectations and give you the most invisible and durable clear bar possible. The installation process that we follow is meticulous and all of our technicians undergo a strenuous training course that ensures that superb quality and attention to detail gets ingrained into our company culture and work ethic.

Paint Protection Finish

Paint protection is the only thing we do here at Top Car Detailing. We spend every minute of each day laser-focused on improving clear bra to make it more invisible, stronger, and better. Whether it is improving our customer experience, developing a new installation technique, making improvements to our design engineering, or R&D for new film, we are relentless in all that we pursue. We strongly believe that customers should be proud to show up of their new clear to all of their friends and family, and not simply settle for it due to it protecting the paint on their car. We do everything we possibly can to ensure the protection is invisible.


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