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It has come to our attention that truck drivers in the commercial sector are growing in appearance and coming through our area more frequently. If you are searching for detail services as a big rig or semi-detailing for trucks, then look no further. The Total Car Detailing company offers the services of various professionals to wash away the dirt from your travels. Contact us for a free service quote. While you are traveling, we can organize a time and place to ensure the big rig is squared away from the rest of the trip. A speedy vacuum and quick pressure wash are the best ways to remove mud, leaving you feeling as if the office space is once again manageable. Our professionals are not afraid of operating on the big rig, and we can easily handle any vehicle mess. If you desire, we can handle trailers as well so you do not need to perform a bob tail if you do not want to do so. We will work around the trailer, or if you require the trailer to be cleaned as well it is possible for us to include that in the service. All you need to is point this out and allow our experts to handle it. The Total Car Detailing experts are able to service a single truck or a full fleet of trucks.

Top-Rated Big Rig Detailing

Regardless of whether you are searching for a full reconditioning of the truck or a basic spring cleaning, the semi-truck detail professionals on our team have you covered. If you are searching for a full reconditioning for resale or a spring cleaning before resale, the semi-truck detail experts will do their best to help. Our company’s trained technicians operate using advanced systems designed specifically to meet the challenges of all heavy-duty commercial trucking equipment. The Total Car Detailing professionals offer both exterior and interior detailing as required by the customer. It is well known that a clean, shiny, and well cared for vehicle appears to be far more professional than a dirty truck. The driver is also considered more responsible as he or she cares for the vehicle; therefore, is more likely to obtain contracts because they seem to take their trucking more seriously showing pride in what they do. At Total Car Detailing, we can help you achieve this image using any financial budget.

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Semi-Truck Detailing And Commercial Truck Services

1) Exterior Truck Detail

The bumper, grill, and front lights of a truck receive particular attention when undergoing special detailing to ensure they are cleaned well. Any chrome items are wiped down, and all aluminum items can be polished to increase the shine of the vehicle. After mirrors and windows are washed, the professional detailers will perform a ‘once-over’ to ensure they cleaned all areas and no spots were neglected. If the vehicle looks good, the specialists will proceed to place on a high gloss, conditioning wax. This wax revives the shine of the truck and improves the paintwork making the vehicle appear to be new. The final step will also remove any scratches or flaws in the paintwork. We have the full setup available and haul a pressure washer around with us, or if you head to the shop we can make the cleaning speedier. We understand that miles down the road is where money is made; therefore, you can protect this investment by using our service. Don’t waste time attempting to do this yourself while we can put our professionals to work for you. You drive the trucks, so why not allow us to do the extra cleaning work when you take a break.

2) Interior Truck Detailers

After an efficient and thorough upholstery and carpet shampooing treatment, all the leather, vinyl, and plastic areas will be treated with protective conditioning wax. This conditioning will reduce residue accumulation, and can increase the life of the items that are easily damaged by UV rays and heat. While there are various procedures involved with the detailing services, each package can be tailored to meet the driver’s budget. The package will involve cleaning the truck from the interior out, and from the top to the bottom. Professional big rig and semi-truck detailers remove all the rubbish from the truck and then vacuum all debris and dirt from upholstery and carpets within the truck (including all the crevices and cracks). Ranging from a simple exterior wash package to a full restoration plan with a customized package to suit your needs; we are able to meet every expectation. For free quotes, contact us now. Total Car Detailing experts can also perform odor elimination services to remove animal smells, smoke damage, spills, and much more. For information on pricing and personalized packages, please contact your area representative. You name the item and we can build it, regardless of whether you have a single truck or a full fleet of big rigs.

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The Total Car Detailing service can perform the majority of services down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. All wax packages are conducted at 33 degrees Fahrenheit and above; however, prices will change at any time and can vary dependent on the level of soiling in the truck. For a free quote, contact the consultant immediately. It should be noted that regular discount packages are also available for customers. Our company takes pride in being a leading cleaning company in the semi-truck detailing area, and we want to assist you in obtaining (and maintaining) a professional appearance on the road. Irrespective of whether you want a unique option or a full-scale vehicle detail, our experienced staff will be more than happy to accommodate your particular needs; thereby, leaving a lasting impression on your equipment and vehicle. Our Total Car Detailing service provides both mobile and in-store detailing alternatives meaning that we are able to travel to your vehicle if necessary. By allowing the cleaning experts to perform these services, you will utilize the most superior cleaning service currently available. Contact our truck wash and big rig detailing professionals today.


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