The Truth About Ceramic Coating For Cars: Pt.1

The Truth About Ceramic Coating For Cars: Pt.1

What Can Ceramic Coating Do For You?

You really want to keep your car in pristine condition. To this end, you carefully and thoroughly wash it on a regular basis. Moreover, you wax it every few months to keep it shining. However, despite all your efforts, chips, stains, and swirl marks increasingly become abundant all over the exterior of your car. Even worse, grime, dirt, and water spot start to cling to your car just a day and sometimes the same day after thoroughly washing your car. Are facing such a situation? What if I told that there is a product that changes the narrative. Instead of having to rigorously wash your car with no clear benefits, this product will help keep your car clean. Importantly, it will protect your car from environmental hazards, while doing away with the repetitive actions that exterior protection products are known for. The good news is that there is the Ceramic Coating, also known as Nano-Ceramic Coating. Aside from protecting your vehicle, it also adds value to your car. That being said, it is important to understand all the fact pertaining to this product (or any product you want to buy), before making the decision to actually buy the product. With regards to Ceramic coatings, the internet is awash with conflicting claims. On one side of the aisle are the manufacturers and retailers who have claimed that the product offers outstanding performance. On the side, the commentators in the auto care industry have been critical of the product. As such, herein we will clear up issues pertaining to Ceramic Coating to better your understanding of the product. We delve into what the product is, its benefits, the fact about its effectiveness, and the limitations it has.

Ceramic Coating: What Is It?

Ceramic Coatings, including Ceramic Pro, C.Quartz, and Opti-Coat Pro are liquid polymers applied by hand to the exterior surface of a vehicle. Once applied, the coating chemically bonds with the vehicles factory paint, creating a protective layer just above the paint. While the definition of what a Ceramic Coating may make it seem like it is a substitute for the Paint Protection Film, in reality, it is not. Paint Protection Films provide comprehensive protection to the exterior of the car. A Ceramic Coating should be considered as a premium wax alternative. It creates a semi-permanent and in some cases, permanent bond with the car’s paint, and, therefore, it does not break down or dissolve and wash away. As such, it does not necessitate repeated applications every so often.

How Does A Ceramic Coating Work?

In a nutshell, a Ceramic Coating will add an extra layer of protection to the exterior surface, keeping your car looking better (like new) for longer with relatively minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the coating makes your vehicle more resilient to the elements and easier to clean. Below are some of the benefits you stand to experience when you apply Ceramic Coating to your car’s exterior surface.

Protection From Oxidation/UV Damage

When a vehicle’s paint is exposed to the sun, it begins to oxidize. This makes the paint dull and faded. With a layer of Ceramic Coating, the paint is protected from the sun’s UV rays, a sort of deterrent to the process of oxidation as well as protecting the paint from oxygen in the atmosphere.

Protection From Chemical Etching And Stains

Naturally occurring chemical contaminants also present another danger to your car’s exterior as they cause chemical staining. Ceramic Coatings create a layer of chemical-resistant coating, which reduces the interaction of the acid contaminants with the car’s exterior. Therefore, applying this coating makes your car resistant to etching and staining. Nonetheless, you also need to remove the contaminant as soon as possible.

Ease Of Cleaning

Ceramic Coating is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. As such, when you have this coating on your car, water will bead and slide off quite readily and easily, thereby making it easy for you to clean your car. Moreover, mud and grime will find it difficult to cling on to your car.

Enhanced Gloss

Properly applying a layer of high-quality Ceramic Coating enhance the gloss of your car. Ceramic Coating is renowned for enhancing the reflective properties of a car’s paint and or clear coat. This makes your car stand out even more.

At Total Car Detailing, we appreciate how much Ceramic Coating can add value to your car. Being the leading Ceramic Coating installers in our service areas, we have also experienced the benefits car owners accrue from having Ceramic Coating installed first-hand. However, we also understand the limitations of these coatings. Acquaint yourself with the limitations in our next article.

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