The Truth About Ceramic Coating: Part 2

The Truth About Ceramic Coating: Part 2

What Does Ceramic Coating NOT Do?

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For all of the reasons mentioned previously, a ceramic coating is able to preserve a vehicle’s exterior paintwork and reduce ongoing maintenance requirements. However, regardless of the claims of retailers and manufacturers, the ceramic coating is not a miracle product resolving all problems for your vehicle. This is why it is essential that you are aware of what ceramic coating will not do.

1. Removing The Danger Of Swirl Marks, Rock Chips Or Scratches

The scratch resistance abilities of ceramic coating tend to be exaggerated. While smaller scratches can be repelled by ceramic coating, as is mentioned previously, the coated vehicle is not fully resistant to the risk of parking lot scratches or rock chips. Moreover, automated car washes or improper vehicle washing techniques will continue to create a swirl mark on the car’s surface. It is important to understand that ceramic coating is not a substitute for a severe chip or scratch protection, such as paint protection films, nor does it remove the need to wash your vehicle in a correct manner to avoid these swirl marks.

2. Removing The Risk Of Water Spotting

An average drop of water typically contains a specific amount of minerals or dirt. Once the water evaporates on the vehicle’s surface, the minerals are left behind resulting in visible water spots. Consumers and retailers can assume that the hydrophobic quality of the ceramic coating will remove water spots as water slides off ceramic coated vehicle surfaces. While some water will be removed from the hydrophobic surface, there are other droplets that will bead and remain on the car; thereby, creating the opportunity for water sports.

3. Removing The Need To Wash

As is mentioned previously, the ceramic coating ensures the vehicle appears as if it was new with minimal maintenance or no maintenance. All people will admit that the road is a dirty area and when driving a vehicle, it will become dirty. Even with ceramic coating, you will still need to wash the vehicle regularly to maintain its overall look. One of the benefits of ceramic coating is that the cleaning procedure will be simpler. Furthermore, having a ceramic coating means there is no longer a need to wax the car every few months; thereby, removing a significant part of vehicle maintenance. Of course, the ceramic coating does not make the car maintenance-free; it does not mean there is less work only that you can better maintain the vehicle.

4. So, What Does This Mean?

Basically, the points mentioned previously show that it is important to be informed about a product before making final decisions regarding whether or not it is right for your car. Will ceramic coatings benefit the maintenance of your vehicle and add value to your car? Of course, it will! Is ceramic coating a one-stop-shop option for the car’s exterior problems? No, it is not. It is vital to realize that ceramic coating can be beneficial, but it is not a substitute for the comprehensive protection one can find in a high-quality Clear Bra or paint protection film. Also, don’t be afraid to take a peek at the other services we offer, like Interior Detailing!

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